What Are You Partaking In?


This world convinces people everything is sweet so they partake in it; slowly killing oneself.  The demons are there while the good times are happening, drifting along not caring that evil is causing havoc everywhere!

Blinders:  Invisible blinders are how the world sees, changing the name of the game to fit the alternative lifestyles that are being played!  If one could only see the higher level of God, the middle atmosphere where the demons dwell and the lower level where we all live, many would quickly change the game they’re playing in a heartbeat!

When the eyes are closed and the breath is gone, the next step for some will be more pain than ever before.  The reality will sink in because of the choices that brought them in.  Their eyes will never have blinders on again. The demons will become their worst nightmare!

I pray people will not look for the fashion or the forbidden fruit because its sweet and fun, but will look to God and value His love.

Yes, all eyes will be closed.  The last breath that has been taken will soon awaken to Heaven or hell and people, God and Satan ain’t faking!

Where one wakes up is up to them.  All I can tell is I’m not going to be in hell!  I don’t know about you, shoot, all I can say is hell ain’t cool!

I love God so much my soul longs to feel His touch.  Yes, I’m heaven bound, I’m outta here when the trumpets sound!

Holler, holler, holler!  God takes me up, but some will be hollering God help me I’m stuck, and in hell with the demons.  The world tricked them into earthly desires and alternative lifestyles!

Holler!  3 G’s – God, Guidance and Goals – In that order!  Let GOD guide you into your goals, not the world!!

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