The Honeybee


God’s work is something to marvel at!  Look at the honeybee.  A small insect that has the ability to produce a product that has made an industry billions; yet can be deadly if an individual has an allergic reaction to it.  If by some unfortunate case you are attacked by a swarm, it can cause death.

Now, in the Bible you will find mention of the honeycomb many times.  It has been used throughout as something sweet; whether Moses used it with his rod, Nehemiah or Solomon.

How can something so small produce a sting so powerful it can drop a grown man to his knees or make the most masculine man cry?!

God has created many interesting creatures that live among us.  Depending on how we deal with them, they can aide us or kill us.

Throughout the Bible, references have been made regarding sweet honeycomb, together and apart.  Job, Moses, Solomon, Nehemiah, and others have used it in one form or another.  A honeybee is a small insect that can produce a very painful sting and if allergic, can make for a very uncomfortable hospital visit if there are swarms of them and depending on how many.  If you’re not able to get to a hospital, it can be fatal.

One little bee controls the population.  She is known as the queen bee and has many workers.  Her presence in the nest is very powerful and if she dies, the lives of her bees are threatened.  She knows what she wants and how to control each one.  They know their place in the nest.

The honeybee has made many industries very wealthy.  Even some small businesses have been blessed by this little creation; yet they have an order that they must follow because if one is out of sync, it can throw the whole cycle off.  God made this creature to give life and to take life.

Ask yourself, are you doing what God has called you to do?  Are we bigger than a honeybee?  Do we follow the creator and give service when service is needed?  Will we protect His honor?  How many will stand firm on His Word and let Him use us the way the honeybees work for the queen bee?  When all is said and done, the bee’s lifespan is short, but he works hard until his time is up.  Will you?  Can you produce something so sweet others may want to savor the presence of just knowing you?  Or will you be a sting or a swarm that is deadly to others?

I pray you are sweeter than the honey of the honeycomb!!

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