“Did you forget about me?” – GOD


If you take God out of everything and replace Him with things that are unholy, do we really as a society believe our children will be safe?

Society will run to things that are common and easy.  It’s easy to serve a god who doesn’t care.  Who steals, destroys and kills.  All that is left is hurt and pain.  Those who pass bills are so far removed from the normal living of life.  They’re protected from the elements that are forced upon the masses.  Now, there are times when it does hit the politicians like the shooting of people that have evil in them or the school shootings.  Then, people are scrabbling for answers. The answer was and still is: “When you take God and prayer out of everything, there is nothing left but evil.”  The opposite of good is bad.  The opposite of positive is negative.  The opposite of God is the devil.

So when God is taken out, it gives credence to the devil because he is left with no restrictions on the human mind and will.  There are still many who follow the Word of God and who have not taken God out of everything, but the masses are formulating so strong to do the opposite of the Word of God.  When God is not significant and has no place in the lives of man/woman/boy/girl, then that opens the door to Satan.

Demons can invade and dwell in human bodies.  It’s their objective to do so by dwelling in a person they are working from the outside.  When demons dwell in a person, that person is said to have an evil spirit.  Demons are identified in scripture as fallen angels who joined Satan in his rebellion.  They follow Satan, doing evil and wreaking havoc.

Is this now what is happening in the world people?  But they have limited power and just like Satan, they have already been defeated.

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