What is Introspection?

Struggle Between Morality & Retribution

Introspection is the poignant story of a struggle between morality and retribution as a woman with deep secrets embarks on a life-changing journey to seek justice from unwary souls. Introspection is the first novel in a series of 10 to 12. It is based on fiction; however, it does deal with a lot of real issues in life to include special needs, illness, disease, hidden secrets, and pain that have caused life-altering situations. The book’s main character, Gina Phillips, is a woman who is plagued with a lot of internal pain and demons. People can relate to this book and those who have read it have given feedback as to how it parallels their own lives. Introspection is for those who want an easy read, answers to some of life’s struggles and who want to get more in touch with their spiritual side.


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