Main Character – Gina

Introspection – Gina Phillips

As the day grows closer to dawn, Gina Phillips pursues her quest which she believes in her own mind she is doing the right thing. No matter what her reasoning or excuse she uses to justify, the pain will not go away. In her mind and in her head, she feels what she’s doing is right, but she knows deep down inside that God is not happy with what she’s doing, yet she continues on. Each week, going to church, sitting in service, playing, and her mind is consumed by what she has done. Gina Phillips has so much to offer as far as love, yet she can’t share it.

Will Gina Phillips ever experience what true love is because of what was taken from her? So many people out there can’t experience true love. They run from it, they hide from it. Some put out love in a way that is not benefiting or healthy to them or to the ones they’re giving the love to. Gina Phillips does not give her love to anyone. She goes through the motions in order to inflict pain on others, but intimate love is not there; however, she wishes it was. Intimacy is what she’s lacking because of what happened to her. She will not let the ones who really love her and want to be intimate with her, close to her.

Her family loves her unconditionally and she loves them, but what is missing is the intimacy, the desire to be loved, to be wanted, to give it and have it come back. This is a hard place Gina Phillips is in, a devastating spot to be placed in; when you have so much love and you want to give it, but you can’t. So much love out there from others who want to give it, but you can’t receive it because your heart has been broken, the trust has been taken, the respect of ones self is not there. Where does she go? There are resources out there to help her; yet, she won’t reach out. She knows where to go, but because of all the hurt and pain she has caused her own self, without anyone knowing, that’s a door she will not open.

What is Gina Phillips about? What is Introspection about? Can she come to grips with the reality? Is she living a dissolution life? Will each step draw her closer to God or pull her away from God? With each step that she takes, is she losing a part of who she is? Who is she becoming in the end? Will time tell? This is a series and by the end of the series, will Gina finally find peace? The life that was taken from her causing her to become another person, will she be able to find true love? Will she ever be able to find peace? Who knows? Only the author knows, Reginia McKinney-McGee.

But who is Gina Phillips? What is Gina Phillips about? So many different nationalities intertwined into this woman, yet no one knows who she really is. No one understands who she really is because she will not let anyone get close enough to her to understand who she really is. This is an interesting story of twists and turns. The outcome is going to be unbelievable and mind blowing. It’s going to leave people crying, shaking their heads and leave them with an understanding of why a woman who has so much potential would make the choices that she makes, a woman who is so beautiful and full of love and has love around her, who doesn’t understand God’s plan for her. Will she continue to keep making the same mistakes? Will she continue to keep doing the things she’s doing? Will Gina Phillips ever find peace? That’s all she wants, but why won’t she reach out? You’ll have to wait for the series to find out which direction she will go and who she will end up with.

This is not a boring book, this is an exciting book. You get captivated by the characters in the book and you fall in love with the characters. Many women would love to have the men that Gina doesn’t want to share her love with because she will hurt them. There are many women that should stay away from the men that Gina has allowed herself to be intimate with. One day we will see if Gina Phillips can survive. One day the introspection of Gina’s mind will be free. One day will she really know peace and be free……one day.

Introspection – Gina Phillips. Just wait and see.