The Truth Will Set You Free!


2 Timothy 3:7 – Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

This is a deep passage in the bible.  People go to church and hear the word, yet they don’t apply it!

We people of God have to strive to do better.  You can’t serve two masters; love one and hate the other!  The world has deceived many, having them think it’s okay to use their gifts and talents that are unholy and contrary to the word of God!

I will give two extremes on this.  For example, living a lifestyle that is contrary to the word of God.  Knowing what God says is a sin but not wanting to change.  Having people buy into the sin and justify it because of God’s grace and mercy.  Praising God every day yet waking up to a mate that is either the same sex, someone else’s spouse, not married and doing what the bible deems as fornication.  Living comfortable and having no conviction whatsoever!  Now they love God, but don’t want to give up their fleshly desires so they hear the word but won’t apply it!  Ever learning but not wanting to apply the truth (lifestyle), not wanting to give up that which feels good.  Accepting the sin even though it may cause them to lose their soul to the devil.  Not rejecting that which is blatantly exposed.  They’re okay with the lifestyle.

Next, knowing the word of God.  Learning and trying to change, allowing The Holy Spirit to give discernment, wisdom, knowledge and understanding!  Surrendering everything and trusting God to make the changes in the areas that have been preached, taught, read, and studied!  Wanting to learn and apply the truth yet the flesh is controlling the very desire of what is hurting and sinful to God!

Some are in a lifestyle and want out, some are a work in progress and doing the will of God, many have a heart for God and want to do right.  Grace and mercy they know won’t always last so they die to the old man and take on the new man knowing how painful it may be denying oneself to God!

Sin is strong in their life.  The gifts they have are being used by the devil.  They curse, drink, fornicate, anything to make a living for their family.  They know it’s wrong and want to change.  They repent and die daily.  Eventually, in God’s time, the person will be delivered.

We all have been there.  The choice is to not remain!  Our souls are too precious to God to be lost and the cost is too great to give the soul to Satan!

Keep learning and apply the truth, it WILL set you free!

Introspection time into your own mind!  We all must come to the knowledge of the truth one day.

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