Roller Coaster Ride


Life can be just like a roller coaster ride…

At every turn, the yelling starts to get louder and louder as the cart approaches the top…

Sitting up high looking down with anticipation for that moment of total release…this is where the trust begins; to know all will be okay once it ends.

Hearing the screams from all around.  Even strong grown men, who wouldn’t normally utter a sound, have screams louder than the children!

This is Introspection; a roller coaster ride that has lots of twists and turns, hollering and screaming, laughing and crying…

Gina Phillips is taking people on a trip they will never forget.  She is trying to get it right every day and night.  How can she get off this roller coaster that has her so tightly buckled in?  Through every twist and turn, she learns more and more about herself.

Who were they to decide HER fate?

Who were they to decide MY fate?

Who are they to decide YOUR fate?

Roller coasters:  Everyone has them!

Introspection: A must read!!

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