3 G’s Is All You Need!

Reginia-(Regana)-McKinney-McGeeThe life you choose to live may not be yours alone to live…

If you have responsibilities, it’s not yours to live the way you want!

Choices are made and because of the choices you make, those choices will affect those around you!

Your life isn’t yours alone.  Those who love and care will be a part of your choices!

Be wise in the decisions you make because those who hate on you will be your cheering section and let them cheer!  You can affect them too!

3 G’s – God, Guidance and Goals – In this order!  We need God to Guide us through our Goals!!

Live, Laugh and Love! – Those who hate you, those who love you, those who you can inspire, those who can inspire you!

Introspection into oneself.  Help is out there!  The choices y0u make can change your life and everyone else’s!

Love and happiness is a good thing.  Peace and joy is what we’re all looking for.  It’s amazing what God will do!  The 3 G’s is all one needs; just let God do the rest!!

Your life belongs to God, right or wrong!  Just reach out and He will never leave nor forsake you and you will NEVER be alone.

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