Prayer is Needed!


It’s so sad that all these corporations don’t care about anything but power, greed and money.

I think about all the people who have lost their lives because of chemicals.  I don’t know how they sleep at night.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how in the heck I could get chickenpox.  Then, I look at all my friends and family and others who have lost loved ones due to Hep C, cancer and all of these different illnesses that we never had to deal with when I was coming up as a child.

It’s sad.  We as American people need to wake up to what these corporations are doing.  Our food isn’t safe anymore.  Our water isn’t safe anymore.  The air we breathe isn’t safe anymore!

I think about this more and more and it’s really scary.  One minute, you can be healthy and then the next minute, you’re hit with some crazy disease or someone you love is diagnosed with a terminal illness.  I don’t know how these corporations live with themselves knowing that what they’re producing is killing people!

All I can say is prayer is very much needed for this world.  We need God to step in and intervene!  We really do!

God have mercy on this world.  Too  many are dying and no one is doing anything about it!

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