Winning an Oscar



People don’t believe because they can’t see that they can achieve!  It takes lots of hard work and not giving up!

One day, along with some of my family and friends, we are going to be in the audience waiting for that nomination.  I know it, I see it and I believe it.

You always have something to shoot for, whether it’s getting a college degree, being the best parent you can be, having a closer relationship with God, etc.  It doesn’t matter what it is, just set the goal.

Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people that believe in you.  Don’t worry what others say.  Follow God.  Dream it and watch it come to life!  It’s a beautiful thing to see!

I started writing Introspection in 1999 and at first it was only going to be 2 books.  It has now flourished into a series of 10 to 12!  When my first book was done, it was awesome!  I saw what the cover looked like and when it was shipped to me it was exactly what I had visualized.

So, never give up no matter how long it takes.  NEVER give up.  You don’t know what doors God will open for you!

My own story doesn’t end there!  For those who want to write a book, I will now be able to publish it.  I also know one day our soundtrack is going to be nominated for an award because it’s just that good and the people I have working with me are good!  I would talk to my staff and they will tell you everything I said we ended up doing.  What God gave me, I got to see appear in Times Square and got to travel all over performing book signings.  I’m living proof that if you let God guide, you CAN accomplish your goals!

I believe in the 3G’s God-Guidance-Goals-in this order and when we win that award, I will give God the Father, Jesus The Son and the Holy Spirit all the credit. 

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