In God’s Time


If it’s my time, then I accept it.  But if a doctor says it, its not his decision, it’s Gods!  There are times when life seems to get your attention in an area that stops one cold and makes them reflect on what life is really about.  But some never get that chance to reflect.  Why is that?  Only when bad news is given, folks finally wake up, why?  Why can’t it be awakening everyday?

I know for certain life is like a vapor in the wind.  Here one minute and gone the next! Life goes on for most.  Only love of the heart keeps the life alive.  As I said before, I’m ready when it’s God’s time; not man’s.

Enjoy those while they have breath in their bodies.  Don’t wait until they’re gone to tell them how much you love them!  Nobody wants flowers when they can’t receive them.  Don’t wait for the guilt of one passing to make you realize how important they were.  Do it now.  Life is precious and many wait until it’s too late.

Blessings and Love to All

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