Author Reginia (Regana) McKinney-McGee Delivers Guidance and Inspiration in New Novel

Author Reginia (Regana) McKinney-McGee delivers guidance and inspiration in new novel.

‘Introspection’ tells the story of a young woman who finds redemption.

FRESNO, Calif. – Author, magazine publisher and business owner, Reginia (Regana) McKinney-McGee, announces her new book titled Introspection published by Archway Publishing.

Reginia has a vast business background and an ability to write from the heart about the trials and tribulations of family dynamics, love, joy, friendships, and heartbreaks.

Reginia was born and raised in Reno, Nevada and her greatest influence was her loving and devoted mother, Virginia McKinney. In 1988, Reginia’s mother became ill and needed around-the-clock care. She died shortly thereafter and Reginia moved to Fresno. Reginia’s inspiration for the book came from the loss of her mother. Reginia was not able to truly mourn the loss of her mother until 10 years later.

The author felt a tremendous loss of family and wrote Introspection over a long period of examining the importance of a loving family. The book, Introspection, is based on the author’s own desire to create what she lost after her mother’s death in 1989. Introspection explores the feeling of having a close-knit loving family.   “This book really highlights my experience on the loss of my mother who was the Matriarch of my extended family. I did not truly mourn the loss of my mother until 10 years after her death. I began to write Introspection as a way of creating a family that I longed for and so desperately desired,” stated Reginia.

Introspection’s main character, Gina, is an exciting, intriguing, dependable yet complicated character in a complex family dynamic. The reader will see themselves in the main character’s life challenges of dealing with the aspects of everyday life as opposed to what one truly feels inside but is fearful to display to the world.

One of Reginia’s most notable accomplishments is her work with children as owner of foster care agencies located throughout California. In 1988, Reginia put her belief of not turning her back on children to begin her foster care agency, Positive Attitude Outlook (PAO). PAO has matched thousands of foster children with loving families out of its Fresno, Bakersfield, and Rancho Cucamonga offices. Reginia also created and published motivational and educational magazines for students in the Fresno County school system. In 2002, Reginia continued to help children become successful by starting an academic program called PAO Phaze II which is an after-school hours and summertime enrichment program.

Reginia is the honored recipient of the 24 Women of Influence Award. The Award, granted by KSEE-TV24, NBC Fresno-Visalia, Kaiser Permanente Health System and Toyota, honors and recognizes women who have demonstrated dedication to the betterment of their family, company and community. Reginia, as Award Recipient, joins an elite group of previously-honored leaders, a group that stands up to challenges and shows support along with dedication to their community.

In order to receive the 24 Women of Influence Award, one must possess the gifts of giving, encouragement, compassion, leadership, and charity. In response to the honor of being an Award Recipient, Reginia stated, “These gifts are given by God. It is a great feeling to be honored as a Woman of Influence for your commitment to family, work and community.” Reginia went on to thank, among others, her mother from whom she inherited a special gift. “The gift of giving, a gift not given to all, which I learned watching her empty our freezer to help family and friends.” The Award received a lot of media attention, most notably, magazine article entitled: “Meet the Women who are Changing Central California.” (Kaiser Permanente, Issue Date: 2004, Page 8).

Reginia resides in Fresno, California where she thrives as a wife, mother, grandmother, and local business owner. She is a major business force in Fresno’s thriving business community, in part, for her incredible work as owner of foster care agencies.

Introspection is available at,,, and Barnes and Noble Bookstore events.

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 324 pages | ISBN 9781480804777

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 324 pages | ISBN 9781480804753

E-Book | ISBN 9781480804760

“Who Gave Them the Right To Decide My Fate?”

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