Depression is Real


Depression is a beast that is alone in the mind. No one can understand it except the person buried deep inside. The pain and hurt are so real, yet others can’t experience or believe it! Some days are good, but it’s the bad days that are misunderstood. Loneliness. Even though people are around, just like a clown wearing a smile upside down, there’s a frown. Depression is a state of mind that is a silent killer. Nobody knows when it will strike. It could take the life of the one depressed or others in the mist!

Yes, depression is real. A prison of the mind. Left alone, it can torture the soul. Medications can make it better sometimes; yet it can also blow an already fragile mind.

Depression is devastating to the point of no return. Be gentle to those who have it because no one knows how painful, hurtful and lonely someone might be. Many have died and lost loved ones who didn’t see the beast!

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