God IS Love!


Growing up, the radio was full of love songs.  The recordings were done with a deep purpose of letting those hear how they loved someone.  It was nice to listen to.  No foul messages such as now!  Love was the immediate action of what people wanted.  It didn’t matter who the artist was, as long as it was about love!

Now, love is overrated because it’s been taken and abused by others.  What was love in music is now lust.  There is no respect for those who are listening, especially women!  As one listens to the radio now, there is no substance, no true artistic lyrics sang with love.  Yes, there’s lust…but not love!  Love is worth finding in music, especially when it has true meaning and flows through the soul.  If God comes to mind, then it’s a true hit!  Many songs, even secular, have such good sound and lyrics that it brings tears to the eyes of many as they listen; all because the intention in the message was love!

As we know, God is love and I pray that people would get back to looking for love that was innocent and pure; not lust in the lyrics of songs.  Love is worth finding.  Jesus is Love and God showed up by giving Him to us!  Getting back to morals and values is so important.  Love, as they say, makes the world go round!

God is Love and He is worth finding!

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