Will You Stand Up for God?


God is going to bust hell wide open!  Many are going into the pit with Satan!

Some people don’t get it.  I would rather suffer, hurt and deny myself the earthly pleasures, fleshly desires and wordly things that Satan has to offer than burn in hell.  No matter how bad it hurts, I would rather accept things that God gives like his commands, laws, precepts, decrees and go to Heaven, than to spend eternity in hell forever.  After all, the greatest trick Satan has been pulling on people is to make them believe God doesn’t exist.

Look all around.  People are missing, killing and dying.  Evil is taking place.  The things that were prophesied in the Bible are happening.  God help us!

People’s hearts have waxed cold!  Things that once were unnatural are now acceptable.  God knows my heart gets heavier each day for everyone that has fallen from God into the hands of Satan.  The worst part is the people of God condone it!  Who will stand up for God?  Not many.

We are now people who are okay with what is happening in the world.  Have we become so numb to the sin all around us or is it that we just don’t care?  Our own salvation is the only thing we should care about.  If others want to live in sin, let them, it’s not my problem.  But, I  can’t turn a blind eye and let Satan take as many with him to hell.  I do care.  I’m one of those who will stand up for God.  Jesus died on the cross for our sins, so that we may have eternal life and not lived damned in hell with Satan and his demons.

Come on people of God.  Let’s start standing up against the wrongs that are happening around us.  Yes, Satan is the prince of the earth but God is the KING.  We all will give an account and I believe we will also be held accountable for keeping silent.  If you think about it, we already are.  Everything that God created to be good and innocent is being corrupted by man/woman.  Our children are lost.  Our young people are confused.  The older ones have their head in the ground, don’t care or have lost their minds.  The seniors don’t get or have respect anymore. The youth will disrespect and talk to them any way they want and people condone it.  They won’t say a word.  There once was a time when people could live without fear of dying at the hands of kids.  More young people are turning to homosexuality than ever before.  Many condone it.  It’s even taught in the schools.  They can teach about same sex couples but not the Word of God.  What does that tell you?  People are slowly letting Satan come in and take control of their kids.  More children are dying and the generation is lost.

I realize we don’t have long on this earth and people are blind.  They don’t want to see or hear what God said through people like Matthew, Mark, Luke, Daniel, Paul, or John and all the others God used through the inspiration of The Holy Spirit.

This is just the beginning.  Men will be lovers of themselves, mothers against daughters, and fathers against sons.  It’s happening and it’s real.  In these end times, right will be considered wrong and wrong will be considered right.

God is not playing.  He is coming back!  America will be the last to wake up due to the arrogance of man.  Men have put themselves above God and people have followed them.  Satan has managed to convince people that God is magical god, a phony god, a god that is not worthy of praise.  Satan’s job is to kill, steal and destroy and he is doing it every day.  But, he is not done.  He is going to destroy the youth first and then the next generations slowly.  The older people will become outcasts for trying to convey the truth.

We need to wake up and tell our children about God and His Word.  We can sit around and watch all this happen or we can do something about it.  God cares where we spend eternity.  I pray people will come to the knowledge of God.

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