Times Have Changed


I was a bank teller back in the 80’s.  Growing up in Reno was different for me.  Going to the bank today, I noticed this and it took me back to growing up in the 60’s…..

It’s funny how times change.  Behind each establishment were Caucasian faces.  If you were black, it wasn’t that easy to get a job.  That’s one of the reasons Affirmative Action was put into place.

Today, there is a drastic change that has occurred everywhere.  Now, behind counters aren’t Caucasian or African-American faces, but brown skin faces.  Hispanics have now taken over the jobs.  The jobs they say we didn’t want.  The doors that were closed are now open.

It’s funny how people were so worried about our group that they failed to realize the civil rights movement opened the door for many other races; even more so than the group it was intended for.

Faces have changed, but times haven’t.  It’s just a different way of doing business now.  Those jobs people claim nobody wants are going to be worth a whole lot more very soon when minimum wage goes up to $15.00/hr.

I can’t blame people for wanting a better life.  You have to get it while you can!  But, it’s wrong to employ or not employ someone based on their color.  Back in the day, growing up and getting a job was the good “ol boy” way of hiring.  Now, it’s done by your last name.

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