Today’s Generation is Lost!


This generation is lost for sure!  Parents need to work hard to give their children the Word of God!  The influences around are shameful to say the least.

Many ministries are hurting because of the young people.  They are the next generation.  I know this has been happening long before my generation, but today’s generation is way out there!

I saw some pictures of some young girls and I have to ask why.  It’s hard to be a minister; let alone a pastor.  The children now a days are blatant with how they look, dress, act, and talk.  How can a pastor preach or a woman minister try to help others when their children run around all tattooed up?!  They dress like street walkers, curse, drink and party.  I now it has to be hard because of all the talk going around.  How can you preach and teach other folks when the ministry starts in the home?

Being a parent is hard.  I can’t imagine having to preach every week knowing the children of today are living in sin, shacking up, hearing the Word every week, but change isn’t happening in their lives.

Does Satan really have a hold on this generation so tight that there is no hope in sight?

Is this the lost generation?  If it is, we’re all in trouble because some have children or will be having children and who will be there for them?

Some people have left churches because of the way preachers kid’s act.  It’s a shame because good ministries have closed their doors and people have stopped going.  Churches that use to be packed sit almost empty and people don’t take them seriously.

It hurts when a parent lives right in front of their children and they choose to follow the world.  All I can do is think about the many prayers of the mothers and grandmothers who pray every night for their children.

We all need to really start praying for our children because today’s generation is lost and revivals all over the world need to take place.

God help us and our children too!

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