Let’s Make It Right!


We are living in a world that isn’t right!  It has ever-changing morals and values.  Being a Christian at one time meant something.  Now, it’s just mere words that are uttered, but have no substance.  God’s Word is being stripped down to however an individual perceives it.  Lacking wisdom, knowledge and understanding of how to apply the true meaning of a heavenly gift given by God.  Some quote the scriptures, but don’t know the scriptures that are being quoted.  We’re living in a world that isn’t right!  The world is made up of people.  The morals and values have deteriorated and not many are willing to take a stand but instead justify by saying, “This is what everyone is doing.”

Living in a world that is not right, you have a part to play too.  Make it right!  Do what Jesus commanded us to do!  Love the Lord your God with all thy heart, soul and mind.  This is the first and great commandment.  The second is to love thy neighbor as thyself.

Living in a world today can be right.  Teach the young to love and respect themselves and their peers.  Respect and seek spiritual guidance from the old.  Live the scriptures God has given to us through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  Quote the scriptures if you must, but know the scriptures you are quoting.  Lead by example.  Live them, don’t just use the scriptures as if they have no meaning.  Love God with a pure heart and seek his forgiveness when we sin against him or fall short.  Don’t condone evil.  Stamp it out because in the end, God will have the victory!  God is calling all of his saved people out!

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