Keep on Writing!

Did you know writing is good for the soul?  Putting down how you feel releases a lot of the pain!  Words that would be expressed to a professional can be put down on paper when that person is available.

I know personally that is helps me; it’s like therapy.  Releasing how I feel helps to make things better and provides healing.

Also, talking to God is the best medicine one can have!  Releasing your problems to Him and knowing in His time, doors will be opened or closed.

God works on our behalf.  He may not come when you want Him too, but He is always on time!

Try both talking and writing and see what happens.  That’s what I do and I feel so much better!  That’s why you read a lot on my post.  Cleansing and refreshing, getting out the residue of hurt and pain!

My Food for the Soul:  We all need to be healed, cleansed and made whole.  God is my way maker and writing is my release.  Be blessed!

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