INTROSPECTION will take readers on a ride they will never forget.  Travel deep into the mind of a woman in pain, yet full of so much love. She travels many different countries and cities around the world conducting trainings and each time she does, she leaves a piece of herself behind.  No one knows what she’s taking from or giving to these individuals…except for God.

What’s the devastation going to be once she’s exposed?  No matter how much she rationalizes in her mind, she knows what she’s doing isn’t right, yet she still does it.

Gina Phillips is the youngest of 14 children.  The family loves and worships God.  She plays instruments at church as her dream was always to become a music composer.  She loves her family greatly and they are the main component of her existence.  Her nephew, Junebug, loves her dearly, but senses something isn’t right.

There are men who love her and she loves them; although she can’t allow herself to get too close, yet there are men she gets close to who she doesn’t love; all for the sake of hurting them.

An addiction to Slurpee’s cost her one night and her family was put in a position to play judge and jury.  Justice prevailed!  She must keep one secret hidden and has now taken justice into her own hands.

Will Gina Phillips ever be the same with all the hidden secrets that have left her feeling ashamed?  The pain and agony over the deception, living a lie, wearing a mask behind a painted smile.  A woman on a conquest to do something, but what?  A piece of her soul is seeking deliverance from God.  Will she ever live down what she’s done?

What happened to Gina Phillips?  Who gave them the right to decide her fate?

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